Room of Tokyo Central Youth Hostel

1-9 people
Stay plan

 Prices for 1-9 people

 Room charge (per person per night)

All prices include 10% taxes.

HI(YHA) member 3,740JPY *1
General price 4,400JPY
Children aged 4-15 3,190JPY
Babies aged 0-3  free *2
Breakfast   770JPY *3

 privaye -use
room type:bunk-bed & sofa 8,800jpy/ 1 person
2 person-use 4,950jpy/ 1 person
3 person-use 4,620jpy/ 1 person
4 person-use 4,400jpy/ 1 person

 Special- use

In the room there are TV, refrigerator, and kettle prepared.
Those prices are including full-amenity.(big & small towel,toothbrush,simple-nightwear)

room type :bunk-bed & sofa
1 person-use 9,900 jpy/ 1 person
2 person-use 5,830 jpy/ 1 person
3 person-use 5,500 jpy/ 1 person
4 person-use 5,170 jpy/ 1 person
tatam; Japanese style
tatam; Japanese style
3 person-use
5,940 jpy/ 1 person
tatam; Japanese style
4 person-use
5,500 jpy/ 1 person
tatam; Japanese style
5 person-use
5,280 jpy/ 1 person

※1 *1 Member of Hostelling International
*2 Young persons occupying one bed will be charged as one person.
*3 Breakfast is not included with the room charge.
*Babies cannot stay in shared dormitory rooms。

 Individual reservations

Please reserve up to as early as 1 month in prior to staying.

Book online (24h) Book by phone call
Book now! You can make a reservation immediately from this button.If you can not make a reservation from here, please contact us by phone or email.  (+81)3-3235-1107(8:00AM-11:00PM)
FAX E-mail
Booking form/ PDFsend to (+81)3-3267-4000 Booking formfill in and send

*Self services required.
We provide 2 sheets per person so please make your own bed. Towels, toothbrush, and the other travel amenities are not
*We have no single rooms for groups less than 3.

*The whole building is closed betwwen 23:00-06:00, no entry / leaving not allowed except in case of emergencies. Please confirm that your flight / transportation is out of this period before booking.
* All rooms in this hostel, including shared areas are non-smoking.

 Hostel Information

 Cancellation fee

cancell date 1-3 persons 4-9 persons
14-7 days to check-in - 10%
6-4 days to check-in - 20%
3-2 days to check-in 20% 20%
One day before check-in 50% 50%
Check-in day / before 17:00 70% 70%
Check-in day / after 17:00 or No show 100% 100%
 FAQ・Travel amenities

  • 東京セントラルユースホステルの洋室客室内のロッカー
  • 東京セントラルユースホステルの洋室客室のベッドのヘッドライト
  • 東京セントラルユースホステルの洋室2段ベット2つ並んで奥にはソファーベット1つある4人部屋の客室
  • 東京セントラルユースホステルの洋室。2段ベットが4つ並んで奥には8人で利用できるテーブルがある8人部屋の客室

Western bunk-bed rooms

We have rooms fit for 4 / 8 / 10 people
1-2 individual guests will share a room with other travelers. (Males and females are separated)
4+ people (3+ in off season) can use a room privately. 2 bunk bed and 1 sofa extra bed are available in each room.
Each bed has a personal light and curtains so you can keep your privacy, Excluding the extra bed.
All rooms have a large window so you can enjoy a panoramic view of Tokyo.

  • Each bed has locker with which a key is provided.
  • No bathroom, toilet, or TV in the rooms
  • Please contact us if you are traveling with a wheel chair.
  • 4 person rooms can be used as a 5 person room using an extra bed provided

*Room type requests cannot be accepted..
*Top or lower bed cannot be specified. We can take it as a request but it is not guaranteed.

  • Japanese style room of Tokyo central Youth Hostel
  • furniture(Japanese style room)
  • View(Japanese style room)
  • TV(Japanese style room)

Japanese "Tatami" rooms

Family favourite tatami rooms can accommodate between 4 to 6 people.
This room does not have a bed but a futon.
Families, including babies and the elderly, can feel confortable during their stay.

According to our occupancy conditions, it can also be used as small meeting room.
Here you can enjoy some Japanese tea with beautiful skyline views of Tokyo.

  • ・Rooms available from 4 people
  • *The number of people includes babies become 4, babies charged as children
  • ・Each Tatami room has a TV
  • ・Bathroom and toilet is shared with the other travelers, not included in this room.

Service Information

Free Services
kitchen freg microwave
shampoo dryer iron code
locker Wi-Fi hanger

Kitchen / Refridgerator / Microwave / Shampoo and Body soap / Hair dryer / Irons for clothes / Extend code / Locker / Wi-fi / Hanger / Hair irons

Servies with charge
towel washing powder washing machine dryer
toothbrush Shaving PC ice
Price list of amenities
Bath towel to rent 220JPY
Face towel 110JPY
Toothbrush 50JPY
razor 70JPY
Washing powder 50JPY
Washing machine 200JPY / 40mins
Dryer 200JPY / 60mins
Laptop 550JPY / per 3 hours
Ice 110JPY / 2kg

Basic Information

 Basic Information

  • 18F CENTRAL PLAZA 1-1 Kaguragashi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,  03-3235-1107 03-3235-1107
  • capacitiy / 179 persons
  • Check-in / 15:00-23:00 (Curfew 23:00)
  • Check-out / 6:00-10:00 ※Before 6:00 check-out not acceptable
  • Closing day / Please ask.
 Guest rooms

4-5 persons rooms 25 rooms
3 persons room 2 rooms with toilet for handicapped
8 persons room 2 rooms
10 persons room 2 rooms
Japanese room 2 rooms (capa 6 persons)

If you would like to visit and see the rooms and facilities, please contact us in advance.