Business hours

Check in 15:00-23:00

You have to pay the total amount on your arrival.
Credit card is acceptable (Visa/Master/JCB/American Express etc).
Please bring your HI membership card, Passport and show it at the front desk.

We would like to keep your luggage if you arrive at our hostel before 3:00pm.
You cannot bring any illegal or dangerous object to our YH.
Shower time (Evening) 16:00-23:30

We provide shampoo and bodysoap which are available in the shower rooms.
You can rent towels and YUKATA (Japanese traditional bathrobe, a light cotton kimono).
We sell toothbrushes and other amenities.

Curfew 23:00

Due to the security reason, the main gate is closed around 11:00pm (until 6:00 am) .
Lights out time 0:00

We turn off some lights in public areas for the guests who want to sleep.
Shower time (Morning) 6:00-9:30

Breakfast 7:00-8:00

In order to take breakfast, please come to the dining-room by 8:00. The dining-room will be closed at 8:30.

Please let us know when you check in if you would like to have breakfast.
If you are group, please let us know if you want breakfast or not when making reservations.
Check out 6:00-10:00

If you want to check out before 6am, please tell us by the night before.
We can keep your luggage after your check out. (You have to pick up your luggage until 11:00pm on the day if you don't have next reservation within 1 week.)