‘Light Whores’: Islam’s Unwavering View on Western Women

‘Light Whores’: Islam’s Unwavering View on Western Women

(Editor’s note: All historical quotes and facts in this article include acquired through the author’s newer publication, Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen generations of conflict between Islam in addition to West.)

an Uk woman supposed by pseudonym of Kate Elysia not too long ago unveiled the level of this lady intimate victimization by Muslim males.

Although this integrated the usual—such given that plying of drugs and gang-rapes by as much as 70 men—it have an appealing perspective to it. According to https://besthookupwebsites.net/sugar-daddies-usa/nm/albuquerque/ the document, “at some point during this lady punishment, she had been trafficked to your North African country of Morocco in which she had been prostituted and continually raped.” She got kept in a flat in Marrakesh, where another woman at the most 15 was also stored for intimate functions. “I can’t keep in mind how often I’m raped that [first] nights, or by who,” Kate recounts.

That she ended up being seen as a bit of beef is clear various other methods:

“The Pakistani men we came into exposure to helped me feel I was simply a slut, a white whore. They managed me like a leper, apart from whenever they wished sex. I Became around human beings in their mind, I Found Myself rubbish.”

Just what describes the continuous victimization of European lady by Muslim men—which is present really beyond great britain and contains become epidemic in Germany Sweden, and somewhere else? “‘Light Whores’: Islam’s Unwavering View on Western Women” の続きを読む